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This is a tribute to one of the most dynamic and talented wrestlers of all time - Road Dogg Jesse James. Please be patient while this page loads - as there are heaps of pics etc for your pleasure.

The number of D-O-double G sites is growing daily - finally the man is getting the recognition he deserves! I'm still always on the lookout for more pics, sounds and movie clips, so if you have any lyin' 'round, just send them in - you'll receive full credit!

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Updated 13th December 2000


Hey all u Dawgie Fans - thanx so much for hangin' in there while I've been gone...so much has happened lately. In the last 2 months, my Mom died, I inherited 2 dogs and a grandmother, and I met most of the WCW guys on the Aussie tour!! I must admit I am outta touch with wrestling...gimmie a couple of weeks and I'll be back in the swing of things.

So see the poll - I need to know what u want!!!

The news section of the site is going well...updated at least twice weekly and is brought to you by Road Dogg's Ravin Newsletter. News rumours opinions polls and heaps more

Chat - I thing the best thing is for me to say this - though I can host it the chat room will focus on having people online 7pm USA EST every Wednesday. Of course feel free to use the room anytime, but the above time would be the time to focus on being around. OK? OK

This groovy animated Road Dogg album created by yours truly.......u can make your own too!

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OK Guys - I just wanted to remind everyone that this site is a fan's dedication to the Road Dogg...I am not Road Dogg and am not in contact with him. If you have any messages for Road Dogg, please leave them on the message board..any emails I get for the Dogg I will post there ok? Thanks!

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An ever-growing collection of Road Dogg pics that have been collected, sent to me, etc. All galleries have thumnails. So far - 12 Galleries up - that's around 275 pics!!

News, colums...in fact it's a news letter!!

WWF, WCW ECW All the latest along with columns polls an more. Dawgie Style has now got a news section thanks to Road Dogg's Ravin Newsletter. Click on the link to subscribe to the newsletter, or check back here at "News" as we will be printing every newsletter here at Dawgie Style

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A collection of Road Dogg wallpapers made by yours truly, as well as links to some of the coolest papers on the 'net!


The basic low-down, plus a brief history lesson for those of you who don't know too much about the man

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